How to Run Multiple Minecraft Servers on One IP

To run more than one Minecraft server on one IP address, you will need to enable port forwarding in your router. If you’re using a public IP address, you can also configure your router to allow users to connect to it through the Internet. Otherwise, you will need to leave the server IP field blank. If you don’t want to change your router’s IP address, you can set a static IP address for it instead.

Changing the port forwarding settings on your router is a relatively simple process. First, open the router’s admin page. You’ll be prompted to enter the name of the rule. You should name it minecraft. Next, specify the type of rule you want to enable. Choose TCP/UDP (or both protocols). After that, enter the port 25565 into the corresponding box.

The next step is to configure your Minecraft game launcher. This is the most simple method. If you’re using the vanilla Minecraft game launcher, simply double-click the.exe file and select the proper profile. From there, enter the IP address and PORT of your Minecraft server. Save the file afterward. It is also possible to run more than one Minecraft server on the same IP. You should try it before you install any mods on the server.

After installing the server software, you can add more than one server to your network. Make sure to specify the server’s creative mode and maximum number of players in the options menu. Once you’re done, you can choose to start the server by inviting people who share your IP address. Be sure to ask your parents if you’re going to allow other players to join your Minecraft server. You can also change the properties of the Minecraft world by editing the file.

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