Redfinger – A Guide to the Main Character of Crusaders Quest

Crusaders Quest has an extensive selection of weapons, active and special skills, and heroes, with close to 200 characters having special passive skill effects. It is up to the player to choose the best trio of characters as each combination yields unique gaming experiences. Now, let us look at some cultivation strategies for commonly used characters.

The approach of developing Alita is known as the Alita Cultivation Strategy.

With her swordsmanship, Alita can unleash ferocious attacks on her opponents’ backline. Her techniques consist of multiple ranged strikes that can also inflict debuffs. Upon inspection, it is clear that her abilities mainly enhance her own offensive capability and robustness. To use her skills to their fullest, one must use the proper technique.

When activating her active skill, Alita calls forth thorny vines that endure for a period of time and deal damage to her opponents based on the number of blocks cleared. Furthermore, her passive skill triggers when the Thorny Vines ability is in effect, releasing Vines of Torment that hit adversaries at a distance away from her standard auto-attack range. This inflicts magical damage that is linked to Alita’s attack power. To top it off, opponents in the Bramble Domain, formed by Alita’s abilities, experience reductions in their attack power and defense that equate to Alita’s physical defense.

A Strategy for Cultivating Bass is proposed, which encourages the growth of the species.

Due to his capabilities, Bass is an optimal match for Nine-tails as he is able to generate blocks. He is classified as a burst magic hero, as his skills allow him to inflict intense burst damage. His active skill causes water droplets to be released on contact with adversaries, causing magical damage depending on his attack power. For the next 5 seconds, he goes into a state of water droplet absorption. During this time, his passive ability produces water droplets corresponding to the number of consecutive blocks utilized by enemies or allies. When 3 water droplets are collected, his next automatic attack is initiated, with each droplet dealing 250% of his attack power as magical damage. Furthermore, the water droplets increase Bass’s magic penetration by 100%.

A tactic for cultivating Ram Resal is proposed here.

Ram Resal is renowned as an excellent mage with the capacity to perform huge amounts of damage. His special ability involves using a 3-block skill after he clears the blocks. When this skill is triggered, it releases an incredibly powerful magical attack with Karvados, causing 700% of Ram Resal’s attack power in damage. Plus, for 8 seconds, his critical damage is increased by 20%.

In addition, when Ram Resal activates his 3-block technique after eliminating his blocks, not only does it cause 700% of his attack power as magical damage with Karvados, but it also enhances his critical damage by 50%. Additionally, the damage dealt is recovered as health at a rate of 30%, thus boosting his critical damage by a further 30%.

A technique for growing crops known as Sheen Cultivation is being utilized.

His primary way of dealing damage is by removing obstacles and enabling his passive skills. This happens rarely and the numbers associated with it are not impressive. His main role is to act as a damage-absorber, making him suitable for tanking. Thanks to his 40% lifesteal, he can match the lifesteal of two weapons combined that have a 20% lifesteal each. This is a great advantage when facing multiple enemies, as his lifesteal can become extremely powerful because his attacks hit multiple adversaries.

He is not as powerful when fighting against individual opponents. Since his passive ability creates a pseudo-3-block attack and is not great for initiating team battles, he does not have to be the leader. His tankiness and lifesteal is enough for his role. It is advised to focus on penetration and lifesteal enhancements when upgrading his weapon, allowing him to become even more powerful. His main skill, Bloodlust, when clearing obstacles, deals physical damage equal to (200/275/350)% of his attack power. His passive ability, Blood Frenzy, generates a 3-block attack every 4 seconds, with the chance of triggering it becoming higher when his health decreases. He also recovers 40% of the damage taken from the block skill.

In Summary

There are a variety of characters in Crusaders Quest, which are generally separated into several categories. Our content has touched on some of them, and gamers can acquire more strategies from the Redfinger Android emulator. The popularity of Crusaders Quest is not only due to its abundance of characters, but also the World Boss gameplay component. We will be providing a separate guide on that in the future.

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