The Future of Technology Jobs in Australia

What Employers Want and How You Can Get Them

In the era of digital transformation, everything is about being fast and agile. Fierce global competition, the availability of data, and the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) are challenging enterprises to think and act digitally.

Given this dynamic environment, there’s no better time for you to upskill and pivot your career in a direction that aligns with the future of Australian Technology Jobs

The good news is that with some hard work and dedication, it’s not impossible. With enough knowledge and determination, you can grow along with the current demand in the tech sector. Here are some steps that will help you achieve your career aspirations:

1. Know why you want to change your career

You may want to change your career path to increase your personal productivity and happiness in your new role. Some people want to become full-time parents, while others want to take advantage of their new found skills to advance in their careers. Others might want to focus on working on their Master’s or Ph.D. before starting a family. Regardless of why you want to make this change, the first step is to recognize that you do. Once you’ve identified what motivates you, you can work towards finding a positive change.

2. Assess where you are now

To get an assessment of where you are now, begin by mapping out your strengths and weaknesses. You can use websites like this one as well as online questionnaires to help you get to know yourself better. Next, think about where you’d like to see yourself in 5 years. What are your career goals? What are you willing to do to get there? Once you’ve formulated these questions, you can focus on the “why”. Why do you want to do this career path?

3. Find out what employers want

Now that you know why you want to change careers, it’s time to find out what employers want. To get a head start on this, conduct research into the skills employers are looking for. Conduct surveys on your behalf, or use a partner’s database to find out what skills employers want. You can also join industry associations and gain insight into what is happening in the industry.

Look for trends, and make contacts in the industry that can help you advance. Once you’ve found what employers want, you can tailor your career path to fit their needs. It’s important to remember that you’re changing careers and there will be challenges along the way. The best way to overcome challenges is to have a plan for success.

4. Build up your skillset

Now that you know what employers want, it’s time to collect your skills together. In an ideal world, you’d have the required skills to start your new job on the first day. However, in the real world, it’s likely that you’ll need to train or learn new skills as you move in to your new role.

To get a head start on this, participate in on-the-job training programs or take courses at a university or community college. Further, take advantage of off-the-job learning opportunities. You can, for example, take a trade or industry-specific certification course, or join an organization that offers on-the-job training.

Once you’ve collected your skills, it’s time to put them to use. Put your new skills to work, and learn how to use them to the best of your ability. This means taking risks and doing things differently. You need to practice what you preach, and take risks with your new skills to show your worth as a professional.

5. Network and find out more about opportunities

Finally, it’s time to put all of your hard work into action. Networking is a crucial part of the job search process. You need to make contact with potential employers, offer your services, and find out more about opportunities. To get the ball moving, start networking with like-minded professionals. Join relevant associations and meet other job seekers.

Further, research opportunity databases to find companies that interest you. You’re almost there! The journey to becoming a tech professional in Australia is a long one. With a little luck and determination, it’s not impossible to get a job in the field of technology.

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