What is the Difference Between Notebook and Laptop?

The first question to ask yourself is what’s the real difference between a notebook and a netbook. Both are portable, lightweight computers with similar processing power. A notebook is typically around 5 kg (11 pounds) in weight, and can run for four or five hours on battery power. Both have high-resolution displays and full-sized keyboards. The notebook replaces the mouse with a touchpad, and many feature multi-touch gesture support.

While netbooks are small and lightweight, notebooks are larger and more expensive. They typically have larger screens and are heavier than netbooks. They also aren’t designed for demanding computing tasks, such as games. Unlike netbooks, laptops aren’t good for social media and Internet-related tasks. They are lightweight, but browsing on a netbook is less smooth than on a notebook.

When deciding which model to buy, consider how you will use the device. Do you plan to use it for emails and the internet? If you want to use the laptop for other purposes, consider an ultrabook or a laptop with better battery life. The latter can run several applications at once. Ultrabooks, on the other hand, can be used for video editing and Photoshop. Ultrabooks are ideal for these tasks, while notebooks are good for basic use.

Netbooks have reduced storage capacity and a smaller keyboard. They may be the lightest option offered by a company, but their features are limited. A netbook, on the other hand, may only support email and web surfing tasks. Compared to a laptop, a netbook is smaller and cheaper. So, netbooks are best for students and beginning computer users. However, they are not as powerful as laptops.

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